Digital Media Lab ideaFest Program for 2019 (Humboldt State University)

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ideaFest 2019

VR Station Showcase

Augmented Reality (AR)

Modern Times

Ron Homer

(Print out a marker and try it for yourself open this link on a phone).

Modern Times is an examination of contemporary social issues. View the 3D animation on the DML’s Glitch page.

Animated loop of diembodied hand reaching up through a hole in the floor toward a cellphone

Destroyer of Trees

Ron Homer

(Print out a marker and try it for yourself open this link on a phone).

Destroyer of worlds creative and technical visual experience in AR. A train saves us from the robots! Created with Cinema 4D and rendered in Aframe and Glitch. View the 3D animation on Ron’s Sketchfab page.

Created with Cinema 4D and rendered in Aframe and Glitch using AR.js.

Augmented Reality Tour

The Scope of Special Collections: An Augmented Reality Tour

Alyssa Johnson & Katelyn Brady

Special Collection AR Tour The HSU Special Collections is incorporating AR into the space to help provide access to a few areas of focus (indigenous history, logging industry, wildlife conservation, etc). Several AR projects make up an interactive display, including images, 3D models and information on Humboldt County history.

Created using Aframe and AR.js, hosted on Glitch, with models downloaded from Google Poly (see exhibit for artist information).

Virtual Reality (VR)

Flight Sim

HSU Gaming Club Introduces a Flight Simulator to Campus

Sarah Kanga Livingstone & Dave Marshall

The PC Gaming club started this project in fall 2018, fundraising and obtaining donations from community members. In spring 2019 the Airplane Flight Simulator became a reality and is open to all students and community members in the HSU Library. Library guests can practice and learn the basics of flying an airplane. Please let us show you how to start the engine, set the flaps and take flight.

Virtual Exercise

Lukas Coppen, M.S. Kinesiology

Dr. Young Sub Kwon, Human Performance Lab Director, Kinesiology

Beginning in summer, 2018, Dr. Kwon and the Human Performance Lab created a virtual reality lab using 360-degree video. The virtual lab allows viewers to experience what it is like to be in the Human Performance Lab to conduct wingate tests and more. Stop by the VR Station to experience the lab for yourself!

Created using the GoPro Fusion camera, and hosted on YouTube.

VR & AR Tools


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